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Hi, my name is Steve Hoven. I started a Stock Doubling Newsletter back in October 2005. Basically the idea is this...

Find 1 stock a year to double and turn $500 into $1,000,000+ in 11 years!

Learn How I turned $500 into $4,000 in 14 months!

Did you know a good percentage of Stocks double each year? I just did some quick research on this with the newspaper. I opened up the Stock Market section for the Nasdaq/AMEX. I decided to check the 52 week high and 52 week low for some stocks. What I was searching for is how many stocks under a certain letter were at least double from its 52 week low. In other words for a stock like "Hansen" (I have NO IDEA WHAT THEY DO OR ANY INFO ON THEM THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE) This company (Hansen) had a 52 week HIGH of $44.25 and 52 week Lowof $8.51 and was trading above $44. So from the low of $8.51 to the high that is over 5x increase. Point being their are a LOT of stocks that move up 100% in a year, Hansen moved up 400%+!

I did research on a few different letters. (I only looked at letters that had a small # of companies just to show you the research. I didn't want to do like the letter "S" which would have hundreds of companies)

I did the letters "H", "J", "O", and "XYZ". In my paper the letter "H" had 33 companies listed for the Nasdaq/Amex of those 33 companies 16 of them had a52 week hi/low difference of at least 90%. 17 of the companies did not.

The letter "J" had 9 companies that had a 52 week hi/low of 90% or better, and 5 companies that did not. The letter "O" had 27 companies that had a 52week hi/low of 90% or better and only 15 companies that didn't. The letters "XYZ" had 17 companies with a 52 week hi/low of better than 90% and 6 that did not.

So of those 6 letters listed above, companies under those letters had companies with a 52 week hi/low of 90% or better 69 times and not 43 times.

My point of this is MANY stocks each year double in value no matter what the overall stock market does. All you need is to find 1 a year that can double. That could go from .50 cents to $1. Or $5 to $10 or $20 to $40. You ONLY need 1 stock!

If you can find 1 stock each year to double you could turn $500 into over $1 million in 11 years. Here is the breakdown on that....

    Start with $500
  • End of Year 1 $1,000 GNBT Doubled in 4 months.
  • End of Year 2 $2,000 PSIT MORE than Doubled in 4 months.
  • End of Year 3 $4,000 HIHO got me to $4,000+ in 2.5 months.
  • End of Year 4 $8,000
  • End of Year 5 $16,000
  • End of Year 6 $32,000
  • End of Year 7 $64,000
  • End of Year 8 $128,000
  • End of Year 9 $256,000
  • End of Year 10 $512,000

  • End of Year 11: $1,024,000

Of course that doesn't include taxes, commissions etc.. And this isn't real life its just #'s but its worth a shot for $500. (I am not going to complain about paying taxes on $1 million if that happened.)

Anyway, I wanted to give it a shot for $500 and see how it would go it wasn't a lot of risk. So I opened a Scottrade account for $550 back in October 2005. (I put in $550 instead of $500 in order to cover commissions for a few trades etc..)

How I pick a stock is through a LOT of research. I research 100's and 100's of stocks first looking to see if there is a double factor in them. (In other words was the low and the high at least 100% move?) If so I put it in a group to look at later. After I have narrowed it down I look through about 100 stocks and look at the chart, earnings etc.. And usually that narrows it down to 15-25 stocks. At that time I do a bit more research on the chart, earnings, book value, float, etc, etc... I try and narrow it down to 5 stocks that I like and out of the 5 I pick one that I like the best. I send out all 5 stocks to subscribers and let them know which one I picked. Of the first 5 list I picked, 4 out of 5 doubled including the one I picked GNBT.The worst performing one went up 75%.

My goal is to find 1 stock each year that will double.I buy the stock and hold and look for a double in share price. I exit as soon as it is a double. (up 100%)

Hello Steve, I know how hard you must work at your stock research and my hat is off to you for the successes that you have had with your stock doubling picks. No doubt that you are good at what you do. I only wish that I had gotten in at the very beginning. I watch your picks on a daily basis and can only believe that you will be turning that $500.00 into a million$ long before you originally planned. You're certainly way ahead of schedule already. Keep up the great work.
Keith N.
Dear Steve, A very interesting concept! Many low price stocks of good companies double within a short time. Less trading equals more profit. I would like to be part of your project and look forward to its final result.
Marek C. Mass.

The Stockdoubling project is a real stunner, and the very real prospect of becoming a millionaire within a very reasonable amount of time, with a very small input, and completely legit, (being on the Stockmarket), excites me no end.
David R.

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Steve Hoven

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