My Charges


So how much do you think I will CHARGE you for my picks? I could charge $1000 + a year and it would be well worth it. Shoot if you would have started with $500 on October 31st 2005 you would have received my first 3 picks and have a $4000 account. Or a profit of $3500 well worth $1000 for a year. But I am NOT going to charge YOU ONE PENNY.

That is right I will not charge you one penny for my picks. I know what its like starting with a little money and trying to build something I have been there. I want each person to have the opportunity to do this project with me. So I am not charging anything. I do ask for a donation though of whatever you think the service is worth. So if you make $1000 on my next pick and you think $100 is fair for me for the pick then send me $100. If you think $1 is fair than send $1. If you think the service isn't worth anything than don't send anything.

I DO NOT CHARGE FOR MY SERVICE ALL I ASK IS IF YOU MAKE MONEY WITH MY PICKS TO SEND ME A DONATION OF WHATEVER AMOUNT YOU FEEL IS FAIR. I understand some people will be generous and others will not but I am willing to live with the results.

If you want to make a donation, please enter an amount in the box.