Q: Wouldnít it be better to diversify and buy more than 1 stock?

A: I believe in being diversified but not for this project. In other words the $500 I started with for wasnít my only investment I had. Whether you own a home, bonds, mutual funds, CDís etc.. You can diversify but I wouldnít recommend doing it for this project. You SHOULD NOT be using money you can not afford to lose. That is why I started the project at $500 a low enough amount that for most people isnít going to make or break them.

Q: If you put all your money in 1 stock arenít you risking losing it all?

A: In all the stocks so far I have either had a mental or actual stop placed of 33-50% loss per stock. For example PSIT my stop was below .50 (entry was .76) or roughly 35% if I lost that trade. So unless the company gaps down or implodes or the stock exchange halts trading due to fraud or something the risk of losing all the money is minimal if I have stops.

Q: If you have one losing trade of 50% you are going to have to have a winning trade of 100% to make up for it and based on your stats that would add another year to the project. Have you addressed that?

A: Yes, it is true if we lost 50% on a trade we would need to win the next trade to be back to where we were before we lost. For example if we lost 50% when we had $8000 we would end up having $4000. We would need a double or 100% return on the next stock to get back to $8000. Which would mean we would need 13 stocks instead of 11. And to that I sayÖ. SO WHAT! If I did lose 50% of an $8000 yes I would be down to $4000 but I also started with $500! So I am WAY AHEAD. If it ends up taking longer than 11 picks than it takes longer. After the 3rd pick though I was 22 months ahead of schedule. It NEVER works out like it does on paper just sit back and enjoy the ride and use money you can afford to lose.

Q: You have picked a bunch of low priced (penny) stocks so far. Once you get to $256,000 you wonít be able to put all that money into such a small stock without the stock moving up huge. And your subscribers will have to pay much higher prices. How are you going to address that?

A: Well I donít care what the stock price is when we get in. So far they have ranged from .23 to $4.28. Yes if we had 1000 people try to put $256,000 into a small cap stock it wouldnít work. As the account grows I will have to look for larger companies. But we can still look for high returns. Either way though what a GREAT problem to have. If I did get to $256,000 what a blessing that would be after only starting with $500! I will cross that bridge when I come to it. Also I donít believe that many people would be willing to put that much money in one stock.

Q: Whatís the point of Project?

A: Well, originally I started it to see if it could be done. Yes I wanted to start with $500 and see if I could turn it into $1,000,000. Yes the $1,000,000 would be great but I also wanted to see psychologically if I could do it. Would I be willing to put $100,000+ into one stock? Would I chicken out? Would I pull out money to do other things? I think it will be a very interesting test from a stock picking aspect and psychologically. But if the only goal was to just to make the $1,000,000 that wouldn't be a great goal. THE PURPOSE OF MAN IS TO GLORIFY GOD AND ENJOY HIM FOREVER! So I hope this project will do that. I hope that if this project is successful for many people that it wouldn't be something that raising their standard of living but raises their standard of GIVING! God will be praised in winning trades and losing trades. He is my provider and he owns it all! I want people who do well with this project to be givers to build God's Kingdom. Giving to missions, building churches, feeding the poor, bringing the Word of God to more and more people. NOTHING COMPARES TO THE PROMISE I HAVE WITH GOD. Not a $1,000,000 or $100 BILLION. We are on earth for only a short time, Heaven is our home for those that God calls.

Q: I started with your 3rd pick will keep going once you hit a $1,000,000?

A: I canít answer that question. That could be a decade from now there is no way for me to say one way or another on that. If I am enjoying it still (Which I am sure I would be if I got to that level.) I would imagine I would continue to do it. But even if you jumped in and missed a couple trades. Remember it all started with $500 even if you got to $10,000 what a great blessing that would be.

Q: I got your message on your last stock a little late and the stock is already up some do you recommend that I still get in?

A: I DO NOT MAKE RECOMMENDATIONS! NEVER ON THIS SITE OR ANY EMAIL WILL I EVER RECOMMEND A STOCK. This site is just to show you what I am doing, feel free to follow along or donít that is up to you. But I only state what I am doing I NEVER make a recommendation! To answer the question if you still feel the stock could hit the target then you may want to buy. If you donít and you think you are too late than wait until the next stock.

Q: Why arenít you charging for your picks? I have seen other websites charge hundreds or thousands per year for their picks.

A: I thought about it many times. Actually the first pick I charged $25 for it. I had a very small following for that stock. Those that purchased that stock made a good deal of money. After the first pick I stopped charging and made it FREE, anyone who wanted the pick could sign up for the FREE Newsletter. After my 3rd pick I considered charging $47-$97 per pick but as of now decided against it. I want anyone that is just starting out to have an opportunity get started for just the cost to fund their Stock Trading account.

Q: What stock broker do you use?

A: I use you can open an account for as little as $500. You can even trade these stocks with an IRA or Roth IRA. I setup up a Roth IRA recently to do some extra trading for my retirement. Feel free to use any broker you would like Scottrade has $7 commissions which is pretty cheap.

Q: Are you really only asking for donations for payment?

A: YES! Whether you want to send $1 or $10,000 that is up to you. I felt that the picks would speak for themselves. And honest people would pay handsomely for solid stock picks. But if you think my service is only worth $1 than only send $1. If you just made $10,000 off my last pick and you think 25% would be a good cut for me than send me $2500. It depends on what you feel the service is worth. So obviously I am only going to get money from people who think the service is worth something. And I will only get money from honest people who are willing to pay for the service. If a person wants to pay $0 and makes a killing well that is their business. Some people will be generous others wonít be and I am willing to live with the results. This is a donation site but this is NOT a charity site so donít try and write off the donation on your taxes. (At least not under charitable giving.)

Q: Will you show me how you pick your stocks?

A: Instead of writing an ebook and offering 1 on 1 support for people and charging hundreds of dollars I decided instead to just offer a service. If you have a stock you would like my opinion on I will do the research that I normally do looking at the stock and giving you my thoughts on where I think the stock could go the risk/reward etc.. So that I am not flooded with requests I ask if you want me to research a certain stock for you that you submit $25 per stock you want researched. If you have one stock that you have your eye on that would be $25. If you have your eye on 4 that would be $100. In the long run it could save or make you hundreds or thousands of dollars. The reason it is just $25 is so anyone can take part in it. If I get flooded with requests the price will go up. It can be a penny stock or a blue chip stock it doesnít matter. Go to www.StockDoubling.INFO for more info on that.

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