31 January 2007

Hello members,

Today is the last day of the 2nd quarter for ATSX. It should be a very good quarter and if the last couple quarters are any indication we should get some news from ATSX within a week or 2 after the close of the quarter.

Based on the past history of the strength of revenue I would think at least $7 million+ should be a good place to start. Of course the key will be earnings and if they can have even .01 of earnings for the quarter I think this stock will really move up.

Especially if they give guidance for the year that would be HUGE.

If everything happens just right I think this stock could run to .50 or more by the end of February but it will depend on how that news release looks.

So if you haven't gotten a chance to purchase the stock yet I think getting it under .30 is still a great value if everything goes well.

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Steve Hoven

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