28 November 2006

Hello Stock Doubling Members,

From now on I will just send out an email that an update has been put on the website. The reason for this is so the email will go thru to everyone's email box instead of getting blocked by spam filters etc...

I have decided to post my original email that went out to subscribers back on October 16th 2006 which had this HIHO pick and the other 4 selections that I was considering. (Realize the information in that email is from Oct. 16th so things have changed) To view that update Click Here

Every once in a while I like to update the prices on the "OTHER 4" stocks and let you know how they are doing. Rarely have I purchased the other stocks but I post them for your knowledge. You will find that update later in this email.

Also I wanted to let you know on occasion I post about HIHO on the yahoo message board. Sometimes my thoughts or a reaction to someone on that board talking about HIHO etc.. You can find it by going to and then going to the message board link. I am (bomsoftware) on the yahoo messenger board.

Ok now on to the updates.....

HIHO purchased at $4.28 current price $3.95 (bought 607 shares and am holding) (Down 8%)

I think HIHO will be range bound for the next 60 days or so as we wait for the important 3rd quarter #'s in late Jan. early Feb.

$3.30 on the low side and probably $4.20 on the high side.

If interested in buying or picking up some more I think we will drift down to that low range sometime in Dec. or early Jan.

Unless some News comes out of something else exciting I don't see any reason for a break above the $4.50 area until the 3rd quarter news is released.

Unless of course some major players buy up the stock. It does have a small shares outstanding with only 3.6 million and a marketcap of $14-$15 Million.

I think this is a winner but need to have some patience with this stock. At least they are giving you a nice return with the dividend twice a year. They have a book value in the $3.30-$3.40 range so it is good value in that range.

On to the "OTHER 4"

In random order.....

IOX (October 16th price $1.67) Current price $2.02. (up 21%) This stock has had a decent run since first published about 40+ days ago. Not much has changed from the original email post about them though and isn't a stock I would buy right now. Check the Oct. 16th email for more details.

DCAP (October 16th price $1.85) Current price $2.19 (Up 18%) This stock doesn't trade much volume but sure has had a wild ride the last 40+ days. It hit almost $3 a couple weeks ago that is after it was below $1.50 end of Oct/early Nov. They did release 3rd quarter earnings. Book value is over $2 my concern is still the same as the October 16th report I gave on them.

ETLT (October 16th price .55) Current price .61. (Up 11%) This company released earnings on Nov. 15th and they had Amazing earnings. They have earned .10 EPS for the 9 months ended September 30th. They have over $1 book value so on paper this stock is WAY UNDERVALUED. As mentioned in the Oct. 16th issue I did purchase a small position. I added to that position the day after Thanksgiving. They are supposed to be issuing more press releases and having better communication with their shareholders. Problem has been 40 million shares outstanding it has been hard to move this stock. Getting over .60 was nice yesterday next target would be getting over .70. I would probably get out in the .90-$1 range should it hit that. They do have some negatives one of their big revenue producing sectors is now going to have sharp decline. They have a ton of cash and are buying new businesses all the time. IF the story is true things should move much higher. If they are cooking their books things could get ugly. And you never know that until its too late. I do have a position but do not count that towards my total earnings for this project. The project is strictly based on 1 stock each time and currently that stock is HIHO. I tell you my purchases etc... for full disclosure sake. Read the October 16th email for more details.

TORM (October 16th price $1.86) Current Price $2.25. (Up 21%) I did end up purchasing a small position in TORM after the October 16th email went out and got in at $1.87 the chart looked good with a good base on the monthly chart above $1.71 so I felt the risk/reward was ok and it was just a very small position. I sold the position on the day after Thanksgiving so I could purchase more ETLT. I sold at $2.25 so I did make a few bucks in the process. I think the same that I said back on Oct. 16th holds true to now with this stock. If they get things turned around could run to $4 over the next 6-12 months. If not we will break that $1.71 area. Book value though is above $3 per share. I felt ETLT was about to make a move so I decided I would rather be in that stock.

There you have it... the update on the 5 stocks. The only one down is the one for the project. I am not too worried about HIHO at this time though if they continue to earn money and with a nice book value and dividend paying stock people will take notice. Need to get the earnings UP and things will roll with the stock.

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Steve Hoven

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