StockDoubling Testimonials

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent work you've done with the Stock Doubling project. I find it to be a truly remarkable program with a simple, yet very sound investment concept. I began the Stock Doubling project right along with you from the beginning and I've purchased three out of the four stocks you've chosen thus far. Unfortunately, I missed the HIHO pick. However, my results thus far have been right on target for the other three. I'm eagerly looking forward to the future Stock Doubling selections to be announced and I'm confident they will perform as well as the past picks. The good thing is that even if they do not, the total risked capital involved is only $500. Thanks again for sharing your project with us and I wish you much success in the future.

regards Bill G.

I am a young 20 year old, and I am fairly new to the stock market world, but by jumping straight into the market with Steve's program has been a valuable experience so far. I have been with Steve since PSIT and HIHO. I started off with $600, and as of now, I own 6400 shares with ATSX and is valued over $2000. I remember in my high school days in economics class, we would track our stocks through Yahoo and paste them in Excel. We were given $500 in play money, bought shares, and followed the values without doing any prior research or having specific plans for the stocks we bought into. Ever since I took that class, I promised myself that I would get into the market with *real money* and learn from first hand experience on how to trade and research what stocks to buy. It has been over 3 years since I took that class and I never got around to fulfilling these goals because I did not know where to begin. This " please lead me by the hand" type program has motivated my efforts to learn as much as I can about stocks with *real money*. Now that I am somewhat familiar with how trading goes, I have found my plans for this program: 1) To double my stock value within a year for each company I buy into. 2) And learn how to have confidence in buying stocks based off adequate assessments. And so far this program is helping me meet these goals.

Jordan R.

Dear Steve, A very interesting concept! Many low price stocks of good companies double within a short time. Less trading equals more profit. I would like to be part of your project and look forward to its final result.

Marek C. Mass.

The Stockdoubling project is a real stunner, and the very real prospect of becoming a millionaire within a very reasonable amount of time, with a very small input, and completely legit, (being on the Stockmarket), excites me no end.

David R.

I wasn't in on the first one but got on board with the second and now with ATSX and couldn't be more pleased, I plan to continue. The research going into the picks seems formidable and very complete.


Very much appreciate you sharing your knowledge and going public with your processes for choosing picks for your million-dollar project. Your stockdoubling project has given me the confidence to get into small- and micro-cap stocks, which previously I had ignored. Makes sense that a small-or micro-cap stock has a much better chance of doubling in price than a large cap that makes much slower progress. Thanks for your knowledge and for sharing it with us.

Terry M.

Hello Steve, I know how hard you must work at your stock research and my hat is off to you for the successes that you have had with your stock doubling picks. No doubt that you are good at what you do. I only wish that I had gotten in at the very beginning. I watch your picks on a daily basis and can only believe that you will be turning that $500.00 into a million$ long before you originally planned. You're certainly way ahead of schedule already. Keep up the great work.

Keith N.

"I've been watching the Stock Doubling Program since it's inception and was a little leery at first. But Steve's picks make total sense. He has already doubled three of his stocks and is on track to double the fourth shortly. Not only is the program delivering, but Steven is doing it in half the estimated time. Performing above expectations and in half the time with 100% returns, what's not to like!!!"


Steve, I am happy to report that I really enjoy your stock picks you have given us to date. I can see that you have really done your homework in filtering through all of the stocks out there. Quite frankly, your picks have done infinitely better than some of the high priced services I have used in the past. I really look forward to all of your future picks and I can honestly say I enjoy the other information and services you offer. Keep up the good work!..

Al S.

Got in to PSIT in the .60's and scored a three bagger!. Took my original investment out and it still went higher. Great selection. Your latest looks good also as it is already up. You do have a following ... and it's for a reason.


Manitowoc, WI

Steve, I've been watching your StockDoubling project for the last 8 months and I've been showing your results to all my friends :) This is a great little idea and I've already opened a trading account so I can join in! Best of luck with it.

Hani B

I have been with StockDoubling for three picks and it is a great way to make extra income. I have held other stock picks for 3 to 6 months hoping to receive a 10% to 15% return. Steve's picks sometimes reach 20% within a few weeks. Whether you are in it for 100% return or a 10% return it is a great way to put some discretionary income to work.

Mike G.

I was new to the world of investing, but StockDoubling has helped me get my foot in the door. Not only has Steve provided worthwhile and valuable picks, he has also given me the encouragement and desire to go out an learn more about the world of stocks. Thanks Stock Doubling! Thanks Steve,

Adam C.